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Q: What products are included in the recall?

A: The recall applies to the Super Soaker XP 20 and XP 30 water blasters. 

Q: What is the nature of the recall?

A: The decorative sticker on the water tank of the Super Soaker XP 20 and Super Soaker XP 30 water blasters may contain levels of lead in the ink that exceed regulatory limits. The presence of lead is limited to the decorative sticker affixed to the water tank of the blasters.

Q: How can I tell if the blaster I have is part of the recall?

A: The sticker on the blaster will say either XP 20 or XP 30. (see images below). The Super Soaker XP 20 is a green and orange hand-held water blaster, and the XP 30 is an orange and blue hand-held water blaster. 


Q: Are there any reported injuries or consumer complaints with regard to this issue?

A: There have been no injuries or complaints reported in relation to this issue.

Q: How should consumers go about returning the product for a refund?

A: Consumers should immediately stop using the affected product. In the US, they should email for instructions on how to return the product and receive a full refund. They will be asked to unscrew the tank from the blaster and return the tank to the manufacturer using a postage prepaid label, for a full refund.   Outside the US, consumers should visit From there, they can select their language and proceed with the return process.        

Q: Does this also apply to the XP 100 blaster?

A: No, this recall is limited to the XP 20 and XP 30 blasters. 

Q: In which countries were these items sold?

A: US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Finland, UK, Jersey, Ireland, Russia, Indonesia 

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